Le Reddit Army

Image of icon and name of group chat from Discord


Le Reddit Army is a group chat created on discord containing Twitter users Colten C4tspl4sh, Jett FreddieRUReady, Taco TacoDDR, and Zee BattleForYoMama. The conversations taken place in said group chat are all gay and/or fake.



The origin of the name "Le Reddit Army" is taken inspiration from a tweet from May 28th, 2014 made by Neil Cicierega on Twitter (under the handle @neilcic) saying "every time I poop I quietly say "Le reddit army has arrived" to myself".

Image of Neil Cicierega's metioned tweet


Inspiration had struck, though, when Colten had suggested to make the group chat in a thread of replies under Neil Cicierega's tweet which had been made about 7 years after the original post had been made. This had lead to the creation of the group chat we know as Le Reddit Army today.

Screenshot of mentioned thread underneath Neil Cicierega's tweet


After that, they had started to talk amongst one another, creating many memories together. They had also started to do Discord calls together at around April, and had continued to do so. To this day they still call eachother, whether they be playing Roblox, or talking about random and strange topics such as poop.